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Jun 27

Where to Swim

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bondi is a beach that stretches for 1km across the bay.  The swell can go from a raging surf to a flat mill pond overnight. 

As locals with children we tend to head to North Bondi to surf and swim, while the tourists tend to head for the central or south part of the beach.

Swimmers will often be seen "out past the Bondi Break" lapping the bay, which if you are a strong swimmer is a must. But only on a relatively calm day with plenty of local advice in hand.

All swimmers should obey the rules of the beach and swim between the flags. What might look like a calm day, often belies the strong rips running out to sea. Always ask the Life Guards or Life Savers if you are unsure about where to swim. Bondi Beach is a wonderful place to relax and wallow in the ocean, so make sure you stay safe.

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